Group Therapy - Success Factors & Side Gigs - 22nd  Dec, 12:00PM EST

We are going to re-run the event we did a few Sundays ago in Hong Kong as it was an odd time for those in the US. We will do it as a group therapy session, so it'll be interactive. This is different from other trading success webinars we've done - so take a look. Topics will be:

  • How did someone that knew nothing about finance end up working with professional traders?
  • The main factors in the success of professional traders (and it's not insider secrets or psychology).
  • An overview of the main professional techniques you can apply at home.
  • Win rates in the professional world and why it's considered unimportant.
  • Why home traders can succeed and the main reasons they consistently fail.
  • The reasons that traders won't do anything about these success and failure factors above, even when given a roadmap to cure them.
  • Time limits - their part in your downfall.
  • Side Gigs - their part in your survival.

The event will be recorded - but I perform better when watched and the Q&A is the real gold. Click here to sign up.


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