Success Factors & Side Gigs

Here's the recording of Decembers group therapy session. In this event, we went over my own story and then took a look at how much was luck and how much was good judgement. This is done in order for us all to reflect on what random events caused us to get to this point in our trading and consider if some of our beliefs might be holding us back.

We look at the main factors in success of professional traders and which of their techniques you can apply at home. We then switch to discuss factors that are specific to home traders that help to cause their demise. Finally, we consider the possibility of legging out of work rather than having a cut-off which leaves you with trading as your sole source of income.

  • How did someone that knew nothing about finance end up working with professional traders?
  • The main factors in the success of professional traders (and it's not insider secrets or psychology).
  • An overview of the main professional techniques you can apply at home.
  • Win rates in the professional world and why it's considered unimportant.
  • Why home traders can succeed and the main reasons they consistently fail.
  • The reasons that traders won't do anything about these success and failure factors above, even when given a roadmap to cure them.
  • Time limits - their part in your downfall.
  • Side Gigs - their part in your survival.

Note that this is group therapy - more interactive, unscripted webinars that are intended to be more of a conversation than a lecture.

Enjoy the Video.

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