Group Therapy - Complexity vs Simplicity - Part 1

We now have dates for the first 2 group therapy sessions for 2021. Session 1 will be on 26th Feb at 11am EST. Click here to sign up. The other session will be a week later, links  for that will go out next week. 

In these first 2 sessions, we'll expand on our recent Trend & Chop webinar. We'll do it across 2 sessions and the recordings will go in to the Advanced/Professional course.  

These will be two-way sessions. So you'll be welcome to give your opinions and input on each topic. In fact, we are specifically looking for opposing opinions in session 1.

The first session will start with a look at the complexity of the markets we trade - and what that means in terms of any player being able to nudge that market around. Then we'll take a look at some of today's commonly held trading beliefs and what that would mean on "the other side of the trade" as well as how realistic that might be.  

The intent will be to take a critical glance at the most common theories being blindly applied to the markets because 'everyone does it'. I'll present "arguments against" and you can counter that with your own perspectives.

  • The Dog & The Tail - The connectedness of things
  • Futures vs Stocks - Structural differences, differences in what causes activity
  • Holding Times
  • Algos/HFTs
  • Auction Market Theory (AMT) - Is the market an auction?
  • Auction Market Theory - how does it help us/how do we prove it?
  • 'Unfinished Business' in AMT.
  • Supply/Demand Zones. Who is there and why?
  • Support/Resistance. Who is there and why?
  • Volume Profiles - how long is volume relevant?

If there's other market approaches/theories you want us to cover - let us know.

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