daytradr Charts Beta 6

We now have Beta 6 of daytradr charts released. In this release we have fixes for the following issues:

  • CQG based charts using extremely high CPU
  • Rithmic appearing to disconnect and reset profile in Depth & Sales (was actually a time zone issue).
  • Recon Taps showing times in UTC time zone if a chart was running.
  • Strange issue where on some PCs - charts will not update. Then they update once if you click the chart and they will only update continuously if you resize the chart. 

The last issue stumped us - to the extent we had the entire team on the issue for many days and none of us did anything else (hence a lot of cancelled meetings). Part of the difficulty of finding it was that if you investigated the issue on a PC with the issue, that investigation could cause the issue to disappear on permanently on that PC.

We believe this installer fixes that last issue - or rather, we know it fixes it on the majority with the issue. But if charts don't update unless you click/resize them, let us know and we'll hop on a screen share.

At this point CPU should be moderate on all charts in all market conditions. 

These issue delayed us and will push back the release of Footprints. Our rough target is 2 weeks from today.

As usual, software can be downloaded if you click here.

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