Axia Futures held an exclusive workshop on May 2nd to unveil how their traders utilize Jigsaw's Journalytix platform for performance analysis.

During the workshop, Alex made an insightful point that many viewers could relate to: the more data points we gather from our trades, the more we can learn from them. By identifying our strengths and weaknesses, we can reduce areas where we are not performing well and focus on maximizing areas where we excel.

While the comment above may state the obvious, it's remarkable how many retail traders, despite acknowledging its validity, overlook the importance of analyzing their trading activities.

Here are the topics discussed in the workshop:

  • The best order flow strategy of April 2024
  • Where traders have been making and losing money
  • Equity curves and analytics of Axia traders
  • How to benchmark your performance and make critical changes
  • How to use Jigsaw tools to improve your trading results

For those who missed the workshop, or want to review it, here is the recording:



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