daytradr Charts Beta 3 - Volume Profiles, Info Windows, Zoom Improvements

Today, we are releasing daytradr charts Beta 2. If this is the first you heard about the beta - please read this post first. 

In this release, we are including the 3 most popular types of volume profiles - composite, selectable, session based.
This is phase 1 of volume profiles, like Investor RT, these profiles are based on evenly distributing 1 min data across the bar. This allows you to have longer-term profiles without the need to download tick data.  Actually, the code we are releasing today will use minute based or tick based data (whichever is available but with a preference for tick) to build the profiles. We are releasing tick data with the Footprint/Cumulative Delta charts. 
Here's a breakdown of how the profiles work:
Composite Profiles

A composite profile is a single profile based on 'most recent data'. You can set the composite profile to show the entire data set the chart is based on, the visible area of the chart or based on the last n minutes, hours, days, sessions or bars. You can also set a composite to include all bars.

Selectable Profiles

When you choose selectable profiles, you'll see a "Select Off" text on the chart. Click that to set "Select on" and then select the bars you want to profile. You can select multiple areas. On clicking "Select On" again, the profiles will be drawn

Session Profiles

Session profiles draw one profile per session and that's based on the session profile you chose in the select window. 

Info Window

We have added 2 "Information Data Boxes" to the chart. 

Info24 Info button, in this state, no info window is visible. 

InfoP24 Price info window enabled, when hovering over a bar, will show information about that bar

InfoV24 Volume info window enabled, when hovering over a volume profile, will show price and volume.

Zoom in/out

We also made improvements to the zoom in/out. Auto scale will only occur when zoomed to 100%. If you want to quickly get back to 100%, double click in the price scale.

As usual, you can get the beta from the members page.

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