daytradr Charts Beta 1

Today, we are releasing daytradr charts Beta 1. The purpose of a Beta trial is to have the software running on a wider range of machines, configurations and usage patterns than our QA can replicate. The aim is to find new issues. If this process didn't find issues, there would be no point in having a beta. So we actively encourage you to report anything you see that does not make sense to you.

In this first beta, the focus is the installation and basic execution. Delivering charts on a trading platform requires a number of new major architectural software components  - tick database, workspace integration, settings windows etc. Also - the charts are cloud-based and downloaded on demand, which is another layer of complexity we don't have in the current production release. 

This first release covers all the architectural components and 'regular charts' - those that do not use Order flow data. This way, we can focus your testing on these items first . The benefit of this is:

  • We get you to test more mainstream charting components before letting you loose on the stuff you are more excited about.
  • The issues reported on this version will be focused and it's easier to fix issues on a subset of functionality than be jumping around, fixing different areas each issue.
  • You won't end up reporting an issue and then waiting ages for a fix because we didn't move to that area yet. 
  • Fernando won't panic because he won't see a huge bug list.

So we'll release items to you, you use them, we fix them and we release more. We minimize the time between bug reports and fixes and we aren't jumping around trying to support too many different code areas at a time.

As such, beta 1 is restricted to:

  • Seconds, Minute, Daily Time frames (Tick, Range etc to follow)
  • Regular charts (Footprint, Volume Profiles, Market Profile, Cumulative Delta to follow)
  • Drawings
  • Regular studies (CSI, Heatmap, Cumulative Delta, Circles & Alerts to follow) 
  • Behind the scenes stuff like workspace management, CPU throttling. memory conservation, tick database consistency, cloud app downloading.

Now - I can hear you all groan about us holding stuff back. I know it's been a long wait - but this approach will get us through the beta faster. Recently, we all sat and watched another platform vendor spend 2 years on a beta after releasing the entire thing in one go. I believe that the best approach from a project management perspective is to have both testers and developers focus on one area at a time. 

Note that while daytradr remains a windows desktop app, the charts are cloud based and downloaded on demand. 

Other items in this release:

  • Enhancement: Added support for Tradovate 2FA. Click here for info
  • Enhancement: Allow empty user/password in Connection File, and enter it on connecting
  • Enhancement: Encrypt passwords in Connection File (Open & close any existing connections to encrypt them)
  • Ehnancement: Non-Live license no longer required for Earn2Trade & OneUpTrader
  • Enhancement: COMEX trading hours fixed
  • Fixed: CQG Instrument download not working with some versions of .NET
  • Fixed: Auto-start not working for 64 bit Jigsaw
  • Fixed: Rithmic Connection Issue
  • Fixed: GAIN shows disconnected state when connecting

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