daytradr Charts Beta 2 - Market Profile, Rithmic Support

Today, we are releasing daytradr charts Beta 2. If this is the first you heard about the beta - please read this post first. 

In this beta, we are adding charts for Rithmic Feed as well as Market Profile Charts. 

I'd like to thank all the people taking part in the beta and reporting issues. The list has been manageable and reports are tailing off in frequency, so we are letting another release out today. 

As well as Market Profile and Rithmic support, we've made a number of fixes for reported issues. Not all reported issues have been fixed as there were 5 we couldn't reproduce and we'll be in touch with those users for more information.

Market Profile Charts (TPO and Volume Profile), like our other charts - are intended to work "out the box" with the most common settings we've seen people use.  We are more than happy to add more to the charts but we'll do it our way - which is to keep it simple and easy to use. 

The auto-scaling was becoming a bit tiresome too - so we've disabled that if you zoom above/below 100% and we've put the zoom % on the screen when you are zooming, so you know when you are back to 100.

Next drop will be volume profiles, with Footprints to follow as well as more timeframes. 

As usual - use the support system to report issues and once again - thank you all for helping us get this out. 

As usual, you can get the beta from the members page.

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