Trading Group Therapy, Yellow Belt Session

We had another great session with Sune on Dec 1st. In this session, we had a look at where he was now, for a trading plan, and then figure out how to move forward. The key here was not getting Sune to start again but to do a couple of things...

Keep what works - dump what doesn't!

  1. Get Sune thinking about what his plan should contain
  2. How discretionary rules should be "constrained" to prevent simply entering anywhere
  3. Look at the gaps within the plan
  4. Start the process of evaluating his current skillset, so that he can make a firm decision on what to keep and what to drop.

Sune is very keen to get into the "meat and potatoes" of trading - and he'll probably still be waiting for that as he goes live. In a trading world of "setups over everything else" - it takes some getting used to.  And a host of other things besides techniques that accelerate the process of getting to profit. 

What is particularly interesting about Sune is that he is very confident in a specific skillset which on the surface appears to be for very short-term trading only. Very few traders come along with a high degree of confidence about anything. So it's like swimming in a river - we prefer to go with that (once we understand it better) than push him to swim in the opposite direction.

Session recording:



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