Jigsaw Trading Group Therapy - Redefining Group Therapy - Oct 12th 12pm EST


It's Jigsaw group therapy time again. As we've mentioned before, over time, there has become less of a need for Jigsaw group therapy. OR to put it another way, we don't want to have a meeting every month telling you about something "essential" you must have in your trading. 

This gives the wrong impression - trading is about taking a finite amount of knowledge and repeating it many times. Many traders do the opposite, they take an infinite amount of knowledge/setups and repeat each one very few times. 

It's the old skill/discretionary vs mechanical debate. We can keep beating that drum, but we want now to hand over the Jigsaw group therapy direction to those that need it - the actual traders out there. Both brand-new traders, old hands still struggling, and the "almost there's".

So in the next event, on October 12th, we'll do 2 things. First, we'll discuss the "almost there's" and a few other "almosts" that are needed but tend to psychologically beat you up to the point you go off the rails and sabotage the account. That's a short discussion, but it will be a discussion, not a lecture. I'll kick off, of course.

Then, we'll go into your ideas for future group therapy sessions. Should each one be a dissection of a specific trader, should we vote on topics, or should we allow more external players in to tell us their stories? It's for your benefit, after all. No idea is too off the wall. 

So a twofold event. 

  • The catch-22 of goals, and targets during your development as a trader
  • The future of group therapy.

We'll kick off at 12pm EST. Click here to register for this event.


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