Trading Group Therapy, White Belt Session

We had a great session last week with Sune - who is new to Order Flow and comes to us as more of an "open book" than many of the people we talk to in Group Therapy.  For those earlier in the journey - this should be a useful series for you. Hat's off to Sune too for doing this! 

Recording & Next Session

The recording is below. We did kick off with a few "prep" topics to start with. First on mentoring in general and how it's about offering choices/advice.  Then the major stages of trader development as we see it. This is purely based on working with traders ourselves.  The first is finding a method - which is a step most people don't get past.  That's where Sune is right now - and the next stage for us to focus on is consistency.

Obviously - we aren't going to let Sune on that consistency journey without making sure the approach is good and  that Sune has seen for himself that it has merit. That's our focus next session (and maybe 1 more after that).

Much of this was new to Sune - and I am sure he was thinking "I didn't sign up for all this" - and that'll be the first discussion in the "Yellow Belt" edition where we get Sune's feedback and then dive into his existing plan and how to tweak it for consistency - or if we focus elsewhere. Find out when we do by attending live on Tuesday 30th Nov at 12:30pm EST. Click here to sign up!

Session 1 recording:


Also - thanks for all the offers of a recording after the dog ate mine.  My attitude on this went from "those filthy pirates" to "generous free backup service providers" in about 5 seconds.




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