Trading Group Therapy - Trading Backwards - 23 Oct 12pm EST

Jigsaw Group Therapy Sessions have taken a backseat to the charting project over the past 6 months but it's time to get started again. Next session is 23rd October 12pm EST. Click here to register.

In this session, we'll discuss "Trading Backwards" - a process where aspiring traders make decisions in completely the wrong order, helping ensure their failure. 

Let me give an example - this week I had a friend call and say, "I need to learn options" and my first response was "No, you need to learn what makes things go up and down". Options are just one of many ways you can leverage your skills in setting expectations. 

This got me thinking about other regular discussions I have with traders where just switching things around would make a huge difference. I thought we'd discuss this in our next session. Remember - Group Therapy sessions are interactive; you can send through questions ahead of time.

The rough outline of the discussion (which kicks off with my thoughts first) will be:

  • Macro Futures vs Individual Company Trading. Non-trading skills that may help. Finding your niche, Execution challenges.
  • Backwards Market Selection.
  • Trade entry rules - How vs Why.
  • Backwards Trade Management.
  • Psychology - You ain't Tiger Woods yet!
  • Avoidance - The essential skills that stay off your list permanently.

The session will be on 23rd October, 12pm EST.Click here to register.


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