How Trading Targets Can Prevent You From Maximizing Your Profits (15th Oct)

We are happy to have been invited once again to present at the next Wealth365 Summit. The summit will be held on 12th - 17th October. It's sponsored by some big names such as Forbes, tastytrade and Investors Business Daily and features 60 speakers. We'll be speaking at 10pm EST on the 15th October. To sign-up, click here.

In our event, the topic will be "How Trading Targets Can Prevent You From Maximizing Your Profits".


Trading targets give you a few challenges as a trader. Firstly - you can end up with nothing from a trade if it gets close to your target and turns around. Then of course, there's times when it blows past your target and you miss most of the opportunity.


We'll be looking at tools and techniques used by proprietary trading firm Axia Futures centred around  Footprint charts, which will be released in daytradr prior to the event. Many of their traders use FootPrint charts to start taking profits when institutional traders start taking theirs.

In addition, we'll also be taking a look at a trading setup used by professional traders. We'll tell you what to look for and why it works. 


The date/time of our slot will be announced closer to the event. 


Note that as usual, we'll be offering 5 prize after the event. It's a lucky draw after the event with the winner getting $500 in cash and 4 runners up receiving a $500 voucher off any Jigsaw product. Note that if you register for the event, your email address will not be shared. To sign-up, click here.


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