The Man With 3 Brains. Matching Your Mind With Your Market


On May 11th at 12 pm EST, we'll be holding our next (and overdue) Group Therapy session titled "The Man With 3 Brains. Matching You With Your Market". As usual, this is a more interactive session with plenty of back and forth.


I'll kick off with a bit of an explanation of what I've been doing over the past year and what I discovered about my mental "wiring" that gave me skills in one area but useless in another. I've since met a lot of people like this who basically have conditions that seem to be defined by their downsides, yet these conditions also come with upsides.

Anyway - we all know we have different personalities. Yet every single trader I meet wants to trade ES (95%) or NQ (1%). In this session, we'll consider some other markets as well as the "non-trading" skills that might make trading them easier. But rather than keep it simply academic, we'll consider other things, like ADHD, Dyslexia…

We'll consider these things, not because we want to do a mental health seminar - but because these conditions are extreme examples of people that on the surface might simply be troubled/have issues - but in fact, their condition has a flip side that gives them advantages in certain areas. By looking at these extremes, it might help us understand our own "quirks" and "perks"

Also - if you are good at your job - that might not be the skill. You might be good at that job because of your wiring which might bring benefits elsewhere that you don't know about.

It might not even impact the market you trade - but it might impact the tools you use. Like dyslexic people that are able to think multi-dimensionally - using all their senses - so whilst they might not be able to use their sense of smell - they might be able to engage their ears to complete their mental picture. There's a very interesting article here: Dyslexia - 8 Basic Abilities

This isn't all about mental wiring - it's about figuring out who you are, what your skills are, and how to adapt them to trading. Like should a specific personality type lean more on news? Should a math whizz that became an accountant lean more toward trading individual equities on quarterly releases?

For those that think you are 100% normal. Consider your family, I know anyone thinks they have a normal family. So, you might be carrying baggage from that or have developed some skills because of it. Like my ability to shut up when my extended family is in a fistfight at a wedding. You can't beat turning up in a Limo and going home in an ambulance.

Now - for this to work - I'd like brave souls with strange wiring to write to us - in confidence, if you wish and tell us the "downsides and upsides" you got from your non-standard brain.

The reason we are announcing this early – is we'd like to hear some experiences - about skills that you adapted that flopped and those that really worked well. I'll start with my story, then we can look at others.

The takeaway is hopefully, you have a chance to alter your path in trading to one that is better for you, more enjoyable, and with a higher rate of success.

And of course - I am no doctor - nor will I pretend to be one but hopefully our resident psychologist will be there to advise.

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