Taming The Risk (& Reward) Tiger - Recording.

In this session, we looked at 3 scenarios traders commonly face where the outcome is usually the worst possible one.

This is sort of understandable when the risk or reward component of a scenario is cold-hard-cash. But even when the reward is a self-set non-monetary target, we see the same behaviours as with cash targets. We brought along John Hoagland from Topstep for his interesting perspectives on this - he's a 30-year market veteran prop/floor trader who coaches Topstep traders. And managed to squeeze Topstep for a free Trading combine for new customers (or coaching session for existing Topstep customers) - which you can apply for here.

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We took the 3 most damaging scenarios one by one and gave our perspectives and suggestions. 

Traders behaviour will change in such a way that the worst possible outcome is almost guaranteed in the following 3 situations:

  • When risk profile is changed.
  • Loss targets become a magnet. 
  • Profit targets become a repellent.

The recording is below. It's an interesting session and even if you didn't experience a "success repellant" yet or a "blown account" - this might just be the thing to prevent it. 


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