Order Flow - First Steps

We recently did a webinar at Wealth365, where we discussed FootPrint charts - the pro's and cons. For those that wanted to take that further, we started a 7-week course.

Week 1 is the primer. There is no point taking a Footprint course if you don't get Order Flow. So what we did in this first session was a primer. In fact, we actually invited all of our customers as we felt it could help them, even if they weren't on the follow up course.

In this video we cover the following topics:

  • The relationship between Jigsaw and Axia explained - why we work together, what outcome we want. 
  • Cramming. The impact. 
  • Make sure you know how to get the product setup, get support and get a demo account.
  • How to get started in order flow. What you should do first.
  • Why you should be terrible at the drills at first and what they teach.
  • When to stop the drills.
  • What will happen when you ask us for the 'secrets' of doing the drills.
  • Then we go through Q&A. 
  • Follow up on Friday, to ensure everyone is ready for the Footprint Masterclass


For those that missed the Footprint Video - it'll be here till next week:


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