The all new Jigsaw Trading Chat Room - with video!

The Jigsaw Trading Chat room has been an integral feature for many years at Jigsaw. It's a great place for like minded traders to meet and chat about what they are seeing in the market. It's also nice to have other traders to chat to during the trading day as it can be a little boring, especially in periods of low chat room

Unfortunately the room 'died' on Monday, it was old technology and the support has been quite poor, so we decided at that point to use new technology. We still wanted to keep it integrated with the members page which gave us a few solutions and we settled on "RumbleTalk".

The trading chat room is now up and running - it's in the same location -, click the chat icon in the tools or click the chat button from the members page. The login is the same as for the members page.

In terms of additional features...

  • Members can now send each other private messages. We switched that off previously because of people coming in and trying to sell stuff. We'll boot people out if that happens again.
  • Members can also voice and/or video chat with each other - great if you want to talk Crude with another member but don't want people listening in.
  • Members can also post images and they won't take up a huge amount of the screen.
  • Post YouTube Videos
  • Members can also post videos and audio recordings to the room

We are working on allowing you to change avatars and display names - that will be done next week some time. If you can't get in, please let us know, there may be some teething problems.

If you haven't been in the trading chat room before - come along, it's a friendly place. We do discuss trading and many traders talk about their setups. Sometimes if the market isn't doing much the chat is a bit more general but it sure beast boredom trades!



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