Jigsaw's Labor Day Sale! Up to $350 off! 100 coupons only.

It seems like every year, we get a new request for a sale we didn't run before. This time we are getting requests for a "labor day sale".   

To be fair though - this one makes more sense - after all, "Trading Season" starts the week after the Labor Day holiday. Which is when trading starts to ramp up after the holidays in The Hamptons. So while the private jets are being parked, maybe it's time to strengthen your defense and offense with the Jigsaw tools and education.

So there's no better time to ramp up your trading toolkit to make the most of the oncoming volatility.

Anyway - welcome to Jigsaw's "labor day sale". From an Englishman that always celebrated "labour day" on a completely different date. We are kicking off with 100 coupons. The rules are simple - Only 1 discount per customer (yes, we do check) to the first 100 customers, but ends 9th Sept 2022.

Not only are you getting amazing discounts - but you also get our all-new "2022 Order Flow Foundation Course" click here for details.

All daytradr packages come with education, so if you aren't sure which is for you click here for an overview

For new customers, you can get:

  • daytradr Independent $579 - Sale Price $479 ($100 discount - use code INF-100 or click here)
  • daytradr Professional $879 - Sale Price $729 ($150 discount - use code INF-150 or click here)
  • daytradr Institutional $2299 - Sale Price $1949 ($350 discount - use code INF-350 or click here)

For existing customers, you can get:

  • Add on Institutional & Advanced Training $1847 - Sale Price $1597 ($250 discount - use code INF-250)
  • Add on Advanced Training $349 - Sale Price $249 ($100 discount - use code INF-100)
  • Annual Live Trade & Journalytix (with live news) $500 - Sale Price $400 ($100 discount - first year only use code INF-100)

For existing/new customers, you can get:

  • Journalytix Annual  $399Sale Price $299 (first year only - use code INF-100 or click here)
  • Institutional Education (For non Platform Users) $1547 - Sale Price $1297 ($250 discount - use code INF-250 or click here)

The discounts are valid until 9th Sept 2022. Only the first 100 people that apply will get the discount. After that, it’s back to full prices and a price hike later in the year when we release.... oh, I'm not allowed to tell you. Good things are coming Tick Compression goes into beta next week, then more charts and timeframes and a few other minor goodies. These are all really interim releases till the end of the year when we'll be making some more ground breaking changes. 

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about buying the tools, adding a training package or signing up for Live Trading – jump on board this great discount before 100 others get in before you. For new customers - use the links above, for existing members, go to  https://members.jigsawtrading.com/member/ and click "Add/Renew Products"

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