Which Trading Education is Best For Me?

At Jigsaw, we pride ourselves in offering a range of education options along with our software, something to suit every trader. From the free training you get with daytradr Independent to our Institutional package, it's not always clear which education option is best for you. 

Whether it's a Jigsaw Course or some other educator, there's an important question to ask yourself before you take on any additional trading education -  Am I looking for a fresh start or to supplement what I am doing?

At Jigsaw, we meet traders at all stages of development:

  1. Some have been looking at trading for more than a decade and have never found anything that works.
  2. Others have compiled a 'method' based around things they have heard from trusted names in the industry - but that doesn't work for them.
  3. Some are almost there and feel a little refinement will get them to profit.
  4. Some are profitable and looking for additional edge.
  5. Some have heard about Order Flow and just want to give it a try.
  6. Some are well into profit and just want better execution tools.

It really helps to do an honest inventory of where you are with your trading. Then you can match yourself with the most appropriate education offering. Is what you do working? Do you understand why it should work if it isn't? Have you just jammed together a bunch of stuff without knowing if each component works? Be honest with yourself. A lot of people have taken a bunch of techniques from 'gurus' and put them together to form a system that doesn't work at all. It's quite common and very frustrating. 

If you are profitable or nearly profitable and want to refine what you do, then the daytradr Independent or Professional is for you. We do NOT want you to throw away all your hard work if you are nearly there. Your focus should be on supplementing your existing knowledge and skills with trade confirmation, price refinement, trade management and more over time.

Our Independent package contains modules 0-2 of our course (with 0 being the intro/guidelines) and the Professional package contains modules 0-4.

Independent starts off by explaining how to develop as a trader and how to turn the knowledge in our material into action. It gives you 10 hours of education along with 3 sets of drills, so you can take your first steps with Order Flow. The subsequent videos take a look at various ways you can use Order Flow (and the Jigsaw tools) that go way beyond just improving your trade entries.

Professional supplements this adding in another 7 hours of education on specialized topics such as Trade Management, Scalping Techniques, Slow Market Techniques, Volume Profile Analysis and Market Reversals. This is material you will want to keep coming back to as you develop as trader. It's cheaper to buy the Professional version with all 5 modules when you  sign up but you can add it later on. Feedback from traders is generally that they are amazed at the amount and quality of content for such a low price.

If you are not profitable, you are frustrated and 'nothing works' or you just want a fresh start, then Institutional package is for you. This gives you the modules above PLUS a course from our London based Proprietary firm partner. This is the same education they use to teach their intern traders. You first do module 0 and the drills in module 2. This gives you a baseline of understanding and interacting with Order Flow. Then you move on to the Institutional Course. This teaches you 4 different market states, different conditions of the market that are caused by different levels of Institutional participation (each market state has to be traded differently). Then there are 19 trade setups along with guidelines on which market state to use each setup. Additional drills are given which utilize the Jigsaw platform in a Replay environment so that you can take the trade setups on specific days picked out by the trading professionals. This course covers various trade types, including getting into positions that have a good chance of running to a longer term day trade. 

You can't really make the wrong choice!

Don't worry though - whichever you choose, you can always upgrade to another version later. So, if you are simply new to Order Flow and want to give it a try - go for Independent. 

For more information on each course, click on the link:

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Founder - Jigsaw Trading

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