Jigsaw daytradr

Today we are releasing daytradr This is a maintenance release of fixes.

GAIN (OEC) have released a new API and our next task is to QA the changes for that release. We decided to push out these fixes before we get into that. There's some quality improvements here for CQG and IB and intergration to RTrader Pro for Rithmic users to help you reduce your fees.

You can download the installer if you click here.

Changes in the release:

  • Enhancement: Added support for connecting via RTrader Pro. Click here for details.
  • Enhancement: Demo feed does not reconnect for Tradovate (actually, Tradovate don't provide a token refresh for demo, so we had to implement a workaround)
  • Fixed: IB Order Synch issues (for users that had this issue & got an early release, please upgrade to this version)
  • Fixed: Cannot open widget or chat from daytrader when special characters are in username/password
  • Fixed: After reconnect, some existing CQG orders cannot be changed.
  • Fixed: MT5 DOM/daytradr DOM showing different Bid/Ask values.
  • Fixed: Issue with revere high/low on IB.
  • Fixed:Highlighting issues on D&S.
  • Fixed: Out of synch with Rithmic for very specific Stop order types from RTRader Pro.
  • Fixed: Occasional lag submitting orders to Tradovate

Note that while we have made changes to allow connecting to RTRader Pro, you will need to wait for Rithmic to release the 16.x version of RTrader Pro that allows you to connect.

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