Jigsaw daytradr - Ready to trade micro contracts?

We are happy to announce the release of Jigsaw daytradr In this release, we've added support for the CME Micro products. These are:

  • MES - Micro ES - $1.25 a tick
  • MNQ - Micro NQ - $.50 a tick
  • MYM - Micro Dow Jones - $.50 a tick
  • M2K - Micro Russel - $.50 a tick

With these small tick values, CME is obviously targeting smaller traders, possibly even to entice Forex traders to come across. A lot of people have asked me what I think about these micro contracts and like any new contract - it'll be a hit or a miss. It's absolutely worth watching them to see how much liquidity they attract. It's also worth an eye on the brokers/tech providers to see what they do with round turn fees.

If you had the older RAPI+ version - please uninstall that and install this version. Don't worry - you won't lose anything!

For market access, we've added support for Bursa Malaysia Exchange (BMD) - CQG only,  IBovespa Brazil Exchange (BMF) - CQG & IQFeed). We've improved shortcut keys - you can now keep your finger on one key while selecting a new shortcut. So, for example if Ctrl-S is sell and Ctrl-B is buy - you can keep your finger on Ctrl and press S and then B. We've also improved the accuracy of MaxDD, Max PnL, MAE and MFE.

Open PnL tracking has been implemented for improved information in Journalytix. Open P&L will now be sent to Journalytix every 15 seconds, so that you can see chart the swings in open PnL through the day. This will really help you to better understand the risks you are taking to achieve your P&L. We are also now able to send data on synthetic spreads from Rithmic to Journalytix.

There is now only 1 version of the tools. Previously we had a RAPI+ and a RAPI version for 2 versions of the Rithmic API. It is our understanding that this is no longer necessary because of the way Rithmic now works at most brokerages. There's a $20 fee for the API but it allows you to connect from 2 platforms with no additional fee. If your Rithmic trade fees, exceed $20, then this $20 is waived. There's a good write up here on the AMP Site on how these fees now work.

We've also added the ability to download history for Rithmic. Simply set the "days to load" - you can see how it works if you click here

In addition to the changes, we've also made a number of fixes, most notably:

  • Many quality improvements in the MT5 bridge (for both futures traders using MT5, traders in Brazil and those using MT4/MT5 to connect to Journalytix)
  • Recon Tape coloring incorrect when using NT8 playback.
  • EPIQ not working for some orders.
  • daytradr getting confused if it connects to TSTrader and there's no account.

Members can download the software from the members site if you aren't already signed up for Jigsaw, then take a look at the rest of our blog and the various product options we have.

If you want to see the type of trading decisions we advocate here at Jigsaw - check out these trade videos:



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