Improved Support System at Jigsaw

This is a quick video to show you around the new support system at Jigsaw. We've implemented this new system so we can better support you and in many cases, get you an instant response from our growing knowledge base.

Here's a video with more information on how to use it.


Please note - When you write the description - please tell us what the issue is. Sometimes people send us emails like "my order didn't fill, why not"  - without any more information.  Not which version they are on, the steps they are taking, or what error messages they see. To get a useful first response from us, you will need to enter a rich description of what you are doing and what is happening. Pictures and images are great too.

If not, you'll get a response back asking for those details. If you give more details, we'll be more likely to resolve the issue on the first response. 

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