Group Therapy - Pushing a Setup to the Max, High Volatility Order Flow (live demo)

Thanks to all those that attended yesterdays Group Therapy Session. Due to the high volatility, we covered 2 topics yesterday.

Part 1 - Pushing your edge
In this section, we take a look at implementing a setup. It's not as straightforward as "give me the rules and I'll execute" and in fact, going that route almost guarantees failure. In this part, we explain why that is. We do a recap of the first 4 steps that we've discussed before and then we go onto Step 5 - the part where we really push the limits of what a setup can give us. As this is group therapy, it's an interactive session, so there's plenty of questions along the way

Part 2 - Handling the volatility
34:30 onwards - discussion
52:00 onwards - live trade setup discussion
In this part, we take a look at the current high volatility in the markets and we take a look at how common this level of volatility is historically. We then look at strategies to handle this as an experienced and beginner trader. We then switch to the live market and discuss entry techniques you can use at this time and show the entries on a live market.

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