Group Therapy - Marcos - Sticking To The Plan. How He Cracked It - 2nd Sept, 4:30PM EST

In our next group therapy session, we'll hear from Marcos - an aspiring trader just like you. He's currently working and taking time around work to trade. Click here to register for the event. Recordings will go out to registrants. 

When I met him, one of his major issues was sticking to his own plan. A common problem - and one that isn't easy to solve. I think partly, different people struggle for different reasons. I also think that once past the issue, it fades away until you can't even remember why it was a problem?


Ok - how about this - can you remember what it was like to not be able to drive? To still be not very good in those first lessons? In concept - I think most people can - but I just don't think the memory is as raw and visceral as when you are there or just after.

So we are striking while the iron is hot. I believe that Marcos is now over this and he now has 2 online trader evaluation accounts that are both a few ticks from being funded. I know his stats too.

What we'll do on Thursday, is talk to someone that has recently got to the other side of that issue. Not someone that got past it a decade ago but someone that is through it recently. That doesn't make him Warren Buffet at this point, but if you are struggling with sticking to plan, this is worth a listen.

After our last discussion this week, I asked if he'd mind in the cause of "paying it forwards" and he didn't hesitate. I proposed a number of questions he'll be asked in the session but I didn't ask for the answers. I'd like to hear them myself for the first time in the session.

The questions are:

  • How long were you inconsistent/not to plan?
  • How did it impact you personally?
  • Did you understand how it was impeding your progress?
  • Why did it persist?
  • How did you get past it?
  • Could you see yourself slipping back?
  • What other things (other than having me to call) do you think would help?
  • Your thoughts on why others don't get past it?

If you have questions to add to this- email them to us and we'll try to fit them in.  You will be able to direct questions during the event as long as Marcos has the energy!  Click here to register for the event.

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