Effective Trader Education. When Markets go 'vague', Scaling into Trades & Trading when Employed

As part of our ongoing commitment to Effective Trader Education, we had 2 great webinars last week and as requested, here are including the recordings and the slides for both. In the first video, we have the Group Therapy session for May. For those that don't know, these are informal "high participation" events where we go back & forward discussing the topics at hand. Topics are chosen ahead of time and a short intro-presentation done to give the Jigsaw perspective on these topics & we then opened the floor for discussion.

This particular event was our best yet, mostly because we delved into topics that aren't often mentioned in trader education. In particular, we looked at how a mix of vagueness in market action, a shift from recent market state and a little confirmation-bias can push you to applying the wrong strategy. And of course, how sometimes, there's often no right strategy. We break this down and look at practical ways of handling these times where the market goes vague and uncertain.

We then took a look at scaling into trades but not from an emotionally detached/mathematical perspective but in terms of the upsides & downsides and the new situations you will find yourselves in if you switch to scaling and how you might react to them. Of course we discuss the ins and outs of scaling but it's done with a view to ensure you don't get taken by surprise when you actually do it.

The slides for this webinar are here:Trader Education Video Slides

Trading when Employed
In this video, another topic not often discussed in trader education. Do you want to prove yourself as a profitable trader before you trade full time?  Well - you are obviously not alone there. Commodity broker Andrew Pawielski works with many such traders. He discusses the tools and trading resources that can help traders schedule their day and lean on resources to help lighten the work load. Trading is difficult, there is NOT a get rich quick path, but there are ways to be more efficient in the work that you are doing. In this webinar, Andrew draws on his extensive brokerage experience and takes a look at how to be efficient as a part-time trader.

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