daytradr Widgets - Real Time News, Economic Releases

We are really happy to release daytradr today. In this release we are introducing "Widgets".

Widgets are cloud based features that run on our servers. They are cloud-based applets but they run within the daytradr workspace. Unlike a browser window, you can position them anywhere in your workspace and they will re-open in the same place when you restart the application. It's a 'best of both worlds' solution. Blending cloud and desktop features, using each where it excels. 

The first 2 widgets are:

  • Real Time Audio and Text News Squawk
  • Real Time Economic Releases

Here's a video showing how it works:


News is fully customizable, you can select from resources such as Bloomberg, Reuters, Forbes, Zero Hedge etc. For the Economic Release calendar, we cover every country on the planet.

Enjoy the new features and look out for more widgets soon!

Click Here for more info in the daytradr the manual on how to set up your news and economic releases.




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