daytradr Charts Beta 4 - CSI, Memory Improvements

All, it's time for another release of the charts. In this version we have CSI that we first introduced as an indicator for NinjaTrader 7 way back in 2015. This is being released as a chart type, not an indicator/study. It's just easier to use that way.

CSI (Cumulative Sheep Index) aka Relative Volume

This shows volume at the time of day relative to the prior n days. In my case, In this release, we look back 30 days. In the above image, we can see that we are now 4415 contracts below the 60 day average for the time of day. This is very useful in terms of identifying when volume is picking up or slowing down. The absolute value is not as important as whether it is rising or falling. As participation changes, the price action changes too. In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to analyze volume/participation in the markets.


Note that we didn't yet add support for continuous contracts so average volume for December contracts will be low. This is on the way, keep the lookback perionds shorter for now.

Memory Utilization

We have made improvements in memory utilization. In the last version the Volume Profile data was sent to all charts. That made them a bit 'spendy' in terms of memory. Now, we don't load it until you request JTVolumeProfile - which means it'll take a few seconds to reload the data when you add that.

Font Sizes for Price/Time Scale

Each chart now allows you to set the font of the price scale which defaults to 14 - which is larger than before. 

Chrome Resizing 'Glitch'

Our product is a hybrid desktop/cloud app, with charts and news being cloud based. We use a set of open source libraries to embed this and we found a major glitch where if you resize a chart at the wrong time, it'll close the app. We have created our own version of these libraries with more error handling so that in no circumstances can it crash the app.


Recently the installer was doing odd things like not creating files in My Documents folder. We gave up on fighting windows and antivirus tools and now we create missing files at startup of the app. 

A few people have asked why the manual hasn't been updated much for charting. That's mostly because we'd have to keep changing it as we take your suggestions on board. 

Next release will be Footprints/Cumulative Delta.

As ususal, you can download the software here:



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