Beat the Price Increase - Save $678. Inertia Wins, So 2 More Days

I recently sent out a blog post about the upcoming price increase of the Axia Price Ladder Course at Jigsaw. The increase was to be in place on 5th March but I got sidetracked with some other issues and I didn't make the increase. So I just told Axia about it and asked them - you want me to do it or can I give people 2 more days?  And Alex at Axia is such a gent, he ok'd it.  So you benefit from my inertia. 

The price of the Axia Price Ladder course has been static for years. Axia are frequently adding content (and value) to the course, usually without a price increase. In November, they added 6 carefully crafted drills that help you hone your tape reading skills. They plan to add more content later this year. They felt, that at some point the price needed to reflect all the extra value and so they put in place an increase that justified their continued additions.

Then forgot to tell me about it!

As mentioned, we 'missed' the recent price increase on the Axia Price Ladder course - one of the key components of our Institutional package. The price at Axia is now £1,200/US$1,678.

Our price is still just $1,000! We have to rectify this price difference and this will happen on 6th March. 

For now - you can buy this from Jigsaw at a massive $678 discount over the Axia price but only till 6th March. After that, we have to put our prices up to align with theirs.

Until the end of Friday, 12th March, existing customers can add this amazing course for just $1,000. For new customers, the Institutional Package represents a massive saving, it contains:

  • daytradr software lifetime ($579)
  • Advanced education ($349)
  • Price Ladder course ($1,678)

That's $2,606 based on list prices but only $1,799 till 6th March.

So, if you want to get in before the price increase - here's what to do:

  • Existing customers - log  in to the members site, click "Add/Renew Products" and then choose one of the Institutional offerings from the Education section.
  • New customers - sign up here.

If you aren't sure if this is for you, then take a look at this blog post that should help you decide.

Note - there is a 3 month limit on this course - but that doesn't mean you only have access for 3 months. The course comes with a market replay feed and that's a cost built into the price. After 3 months, if you want to continue to access the material, we just need an email asking for it - it's free and the extension doesn't come with the replay data.

There is no limit on extensions - as long as it's a human asking!

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