We are super excited to introduce 8 new features that will enhance your trading journey.

I'll admit when I initially reviewed the development sheet for some of these features, I wondered how they would make a difference.

Fast-forward several weeks, after testing and countless hours of exploration, and I can confidently say that the benefits are clear. It's like the saying goes – you might not realize what you're missing until you learn about it, and now, I can't imagine trading without some of these enhancements.

Depth and Sales features:

  • Delta Price column
  • Move histograms and text orientation
  • Open Range highlight
  • Clear current trades every x seconds
  • Clear current trades outside Momentum Tails
  • PnL in ticks

Other features:

  • Ignore Journalytic's SIM accounts in daytradr
  • Chart replay with Tradovate

You can download the new version here.

Attention! Near the end of the installation, a notice will pop on your screen asking if you want to overwrite the Depth and Sales template files. Please click Yes on all of them. This will update the templates with the new Delta Price column.




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Hello everyone,

In today's video, we will explore eight new features that our customers have been requesting.

The first feature is the Delta Price column, which is disabled by default. Let’s enable it, and by default, it will open on the right side.
This column, as the name indicates, displays the delta, meaning, the buy traded volume minus the sell traded volume, per price from the moment the D&S is opened, or we enable it in the settings.  This allows us to observe the imbalance between buyers and sellers per price.

Similar to other columns, the Delta Price column can be repositioned within the depth and sales. Additionally, in its settings, we can customize not only the colors but also a new feature in this release, which is the ability to move the histogram and text orientation to the left side or right side within each cell.

This feature isn't limited to the Delta Price column alone; it's now also applicable to the LTQ, which we will move to the left, the Total at Ask, let’s move it also, the Total at Bid which we leave as is, the Ask Snapshot let’s move it, the Ask Depth we move it also, the Current at Ask, let’s change it, the Total at Bid we leave it as is, the Bid Depth we leave as is also, the Bid Snapshot, as is, the Alert, let’s enable the histograms and move them to the right side, and the Volume Profile column which we will also move them to the left side.

Another feature in the Depth and Sales is a new small horizontal line visible in the volume profile column, called Opening Range. This feature, enabled by default, can be customized in the Volume Profile column settings. We can set the Opening Range duration, which is set to 30 minutes by default, and also choose its color. 

The Opening Range is session-dependent, so since we are looking at the ES, let’s open the Symbol search, the default session template is the CME Indices that resets when the day session starts at 9:30 am ET and also when the overnight session starts at 6:00 pm ET.

Returning to the Current at Bid and Current at Ask columns settings, a new feature was added, called - Clear current at Bid every… in this case the default is set to 10 seconds. Let’s enable it here, and also in the Current at Ask column.

So, when we enable this option, it will clear the entire column at regular intervals, which reduces distraction from outdated volume information. 

And when we have multiple depth and sales, they will all synchronize, ensuring simultaneous clearing when all set to the same time interval.

And since we are on the topic of clearing the current trade columns, let’s return to the Parameters settings tab, and take a look at another new feature - Clear current trades outside Momentum Tails. Let’s enable it.

In this scenario, the clearing time is based on the momentum interval set in milliseconds. As the momentum tails background color fades out, the associated trades will be cleared.
By default, is set to half a second, but if you feel it is too fast, try 1 or… let’s set it for 2 seconds. Now you can see how slow clearing the current trades becomes.

Lastly, in the Trade Column settings, a new option allows users to display the PnL (Profit and Loss) in ticks. 

So, let’s open a 5-lot position. This enables users to track gains or losses per contract or, if we enable the "Show multiple ticks for multiple contracts" option, we can track the total ticks based on the overall number of contracts, which is this case, is 5 lots.

Let’s now look at the last two new features that are not related to the D&S.

The first one allows us to ignore Journalytix SIM accounts in daytradr.
As you are aware, Journalytix allows us to create multiple SIM accounts, and since it’s not possible to delete these accounts, there's an option to ignore them under the Tools menu in the Journalytix platform. Previously, even if these accounts were ignored in Journalytix, they remained visible in daytradr. Going forward, when we choose to ignore a SIM account in Journalytix, it will also be automatically ignored in daytradr.

So, let’s ignore this account and this one. You can see they are available on daytradr.
Let’s click save in Journalytix and close daytradr. Now, after we reopened it, you can see that those 2 accounts are no longer available.

The second feature is the ability to replay charts when using the Tradovate replay option.

So far, we could only replay the data in the depth and sales, but now, we can also replay the data in the charts.
In this example, we have a candlestick chart with a volume profile, a footprint chart, and a market profile chart.

Let’s stop the current replay and let’s continue to replay yesterday’s session but change the time to 20 seconds before the day session starts. 

The charts reload as the replay begins, they start to update, and as the new session starts, we can see not only the start of a new bar but also the start of the new profile.

And there you go, 8 brand-new features that we are very excited to introduce to you, we truly believe that they will elevate your trading experience.


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