Treasuries are like peas in a pod!

Here's a customer video showing some interesting action at the highs.

I won't comment on it too much as there is a full audio commentary.

What is remarkable about this video is that this person became a Jigsaw customer just a few months ago. Even more remarkable is that he then went on to spend a number of weeks out in the Philippines helping people affected by the November Typhoons, so he hasn't had a few months of consistent practice.

In other words, he is progressing very quickly!

In this video we see a couple of examples of how one of the treasuries will often break first so that you can then enter one of the ones that is lagging behind. We also see the same sort of volume clustering action we talked about in our recent "Day Trading Without Charts" webinars.

He did get shaken out of the trades but his analysis is spot on and he's already trading a live account, which is always great to see.

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