Trading Support at Jigsaw

At Jigsaw, we are somewhat unusual in that we don't just offer support for our tools - but we are here to help with trading issues too. We don't charge for this and so far, the volume has been very manageable and we've got as much from doing it as the people asking the questions.

We can't answer all questions there and then and often we'll have to fall back on our connections in the industry that have specific experience. So in this blog post, we'll give a quick guide on how to make the most from a call to discuss trading issues. 

Right now, the call will be with our CEO, Peter Davies. The way this works is that the more you put in, the more you get out. So if it's a call where you say "just tell me everything" - we can't do much for you because you have to move forward from where you are now. If we don't know where you are now, it's hard to help.

So to give an example of typical calls that work out well:

  • You are doing the drills but not seeing anything that makes you go "aha".
  • You want to add order flow to your trading but not sure where to start.
  • You are a bit overwhelmed and have so much in your head, you don't know where to go next.
  • You have hit a plateau after improving for a while.

What you need to bring to the call:

  • Your trading history, what you tried, what you liked, what worked for a while. If you just say "I tried everything, what do I do next?" - we'll send you away to get the detail down.
  • The results of trying the drills - if you didn't do the drills, we'll send you away to do them 1st. Then we can have a peer discussion.
  • What you feel the issue is - we might not agree - but your perspective is golden.
  • What time you have to trade, your age, your career/educational background, your hobbies, who you have to talk to about trading and other stuff that may seem a bit random.

What will happen:

  • We'll have a chat and possibly suggest some next steps.
  • We'll have a chat and Peter will need to discuss your issues with someone smarter to find what you need. We'll then talk again.
  • We'll have a chat and suggest a job at McDonald's might be better.

OK - we never did that last one but we have met people in impossible situations. We are not here to burst people's bubbles or make existing situations worse by removing hope BUT - if you are 3 weeks away from running out of money and MUST make money RIGHT NOW - we'll politely back out.  

We'll be honest but if it looks like too much honesty might crush what remains of a diminished spirit, we'll steer you on the safe and slow side and leave it to you to decide that diving head-first into trading might not be the answer to those issues.

This last stuff sounds a bit gloomy and it's perhaps 5% of the calls we take - it's not fun but it is a part of the industry we are in. People sometimes turn to it in desperation. It's mentioned here simply because we'd like to do less of those and mentioning it might help. If in doubt though - just get on a call. Click here to book. Customers or very nearly customers only, please. Time is precious.

On our side - it gives us that finger on the pulse that's essential to understanding the retail trader dilemma, so thank you for our continued education.

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