Trading Group Therapy - Situational Awareness - 3 Oct, 11am EST

On 3rd October, 11am EST, we'll be presenting a group-therapy webinar entitled "Situational Awareness". Hosted by Jigsaw (not a 3rd party event). Click here to sign up for the event.

For those new to Group Therapy sessions, these are interactive, high audience-participation events where we focus on a single topic and discuss the issue and solutions. Of course, we come armed both with the discussion points and our proposed solutions.

In this webinar, the focus will be situational awareness. Understanding what's driving the market, so that you can set your expectations accordingly.

Now, you've probably seen in the financial media how they always assign a 'cause' to any move. "Markets were down slightly this morning because of x" and that by the time you got read news, markets had already gone back up. That's hindsight analysis, it's of no practical value and NOT it's not what we are trying to do here. You may also be a follower of market profile and be aware of "day types" - but notice that volatility shifts through the day. So the type of action isn't consistent through the day.

In this session, we'll focus on 2 separate disciplines to become more aware of what's driving the markets, what level of volatility to expect and for you to be able to adjust your strategy accordingly (i.e. switch from range to momentum opportunities).

The goal is to ensure you are not constantly trying to chase opportunity that doesn't exist or ignoring opportunity that arises through the day. Click here to sign up for the event.


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