Good Action vs Bad Action by John Grady

This month, we had a special guest along for our monthly group therapy session. In this session, professional trader John Grady discusses "Good Action vs Bad Action" - or how to spot if your market is really giving you opportunities or if it's the sort of action that will drain your account.

In this webinar, professional trader John Grady takes a look at the difference between readable and unreadable action. When it's good to trade and when it's time to wait for better market behavior. A skill that all trader should possess!

  • Developing a “feel” for a particular market.
  • Knowing what you want to see before you enter the trade (no impulse shopping).
  • A small loss is often the best loss (trade management in the moment).
  • Eliminating poor trades and the impact that has on the bottom line.
  • It’s not what you make that counts. It’s what you keep.

During the webinar, John will shows plenty of trade samples which illustrate the concepts being discussed. This was a great session, touching on topics that are important but not often discussed.

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