Stephen Kelly Trial Week Webinar Recordings

We recently ran a free week in the Jigsaw Live Trade room and we had many requests to share recordings of the Thursday and Friday sessions.

In the first Video Stephen talks extensively about finding good trade locations, when to use price charts and when to use the Depth of Market (DOM). Stephen also talks about finding your day trading edge, what an edge is and the value in waiting for it to appear. Stephen discusses inter market analysis - using the Euro and Yen futures alongside the ES. Throughout the sesssion, there is live market analysis as the price action progresses.

In the second video we have more of a Day Trading Education session. One of the attendees has reported that this session is the one that finally made trading "click" for him.

Stephen took an in depth look at reading Order Flow on the jigsaw DOM

- comparing size traded on the bid/offer to what the market wouldn't do
- accumulation on bid/offer
- exhaustion moves into highs/lows
- 'sticky' bids/offers
- the look of a market that is hunting for liquidity)
- Line in the sand or risk calculation based on bid/offer prices

This was done in real time as the market was playing out.

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Video 1

Video 2


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