Special Free Live Training Offer! This week only

It's August time and a slow time for trading, which means we have more time on our hands to help those of you new to Order Flow. So we have an amazing offer for you for this week only.

For those that sign up this week, for ANY package, we are offering 3 unique, one-off, live educational events valued at $3,499. Based on our experiences of the most common issues that trades have - both in terms of bad behavior and things they don't even know about - these sessions are specifically aimed at helping you develop order flow skills, implement them in your trading AND get your head right so that you stick with the plan.

The 3 sessions are divided into 3 separate areas. We start off ensuring you know what a successful trading strategy should consist of, then we look in detail at order flow mechanics and the drills you'll need to do before the next session. In session 2 we look at how to blend order flow with what you do now, so you don't throw away anything useful that you are using now. In the final session, we look at how to become consistent - both in terms of specific consistency techniques, adjust for market conditions and the how to stop going off track when the market throws you a few bad trades.

Session 1 focuses on what a profitable strategy looks like. Then we look at the mechanics of price movement - the foundation for all Order Flow Analysis and the drills you'll perform over the next week to acquire those skills. The next session looks at how to leverage as much of your current knowledge as possible as you move forward. And if you don't have anything that works - don't worry, we'll cover that too. We'll look at setting bias and entering the markets as well as managing trades. In the final session, we look at consistency and things that might give you the illusion of inconsistency. We'll look at how consistency is achieved AND how to stay on track with your trading as you progress and the market throws you a few curve balls.

Session 1 - Order Flow Beginners (15th August)
- Setups & context - what you must know before you make another trading decision
- The mechanics of price movement
- The drills - why they are necessary, what they will achive
- Your homework for the next session

Session 2 - Implementation (22nd August)
- Assessing your current techniques
- How to form a bias
- Entering the markets (and not entering)
- The obvious & the not so obvious signals
- Trade Management Techniques

Session 3 - Consistency (29th August)
- Correlations, market state & the appearance of inconsistency
- How to develop consistency
- What constitutes a "change to your method" and what are the dangers
- Why the grass always looks greener & how to stay on track

Not only will you get $1,000's of dollars worth of education - we can spend plenty of time on Q&A and look at live markets as we go over your questions. This is a one-off and will not be repeated. It is only possible because of the slower summer and the additional time on our hands it gives us.

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