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Today we are releasing version of daytradr, the manual for charting is now complete. This will be the last release before charts are "officially launched" over the next week or two. The team is already working on the next projects with a portion of the team remaining on charting while the rest work on new features outside the area of charting. 

Some new feature are being introduced in this version:

  • We have reversed the order in which flatten is done so that your pending orders are closed before we attempt to close the position. The other way round occasionally caused margin errors for those trading close to their max margin.
  • We added checks on the close of D&S, Feed disconnect and platform close to warn if you have open orders/positions. This will give you chance to halt the close, so that you can then close orders/positions
  • We have added new code to handle Tradovate disconnects - which in some cases would come to you up to 60 seconds after the connection had failed (related to timeouts). This gave the appearance that the system was hung when it was really a partially disconnected feed.

In the charting area:

  • Many minor issues resolved
  • Scrolling, re-positioning issues resolved
  • Enhanced the visibility of "in progress" reporting 
  • Closed charts re-appearing next time you opened workspace
  • Price scale truncated
  • Current Price line not on top
  • Reduced "flashing"/Re-opening at startup

This version is on the members site available for download now. 

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