Release - Mandatory for Rithmic Users, Break Even Stops

We are happy to announce the release of daytradr This release is mandatory for Rithmic users following a new restriction on the Rithmic side of 2000 calls to their "GetAccount" method. daytradr calls this method to check to see if new accounts have been added to the current user id logged in. Should this limit of 2000 calls be hit (possible in older versions), then the Rithmic user could be disabled.

In addition to this, we have added break even stops and "trail before ticks" (more here) as well as the first of our Reversal Footprints charts. These charts are Footprint charts based on Point and Figure rules. It's time based PnF in this release and ticks based PnF in the next release.

To get these new features, and a number of key bug fixes, go to the members page and download the installer.

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