Recording - Pro Trader Merritt Black/SMB Futures- "Context + Order Flow = Success"

Here at Jigsaw, we think it's important that traders are exposed to different perspectives on trading. Obviously - as long as those perspectives come from real traders. In this webinar, we hear from Merritt Black discuss his views on context and order flow in trading. Merrit is a seasoned ex-Merrill Lynch trader who is now head of Trading at SMB Futures.

Merritt trades predominantly intraday, with a focus on Crude Oil futures, and has been trading for over a decade. Since graduating with a B.S. in Finance from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Merritt has worked for Merrill Lynch, been a partner at a CTA, and has traded for multiple proprietary trading desks.

As a proponent of Auction Market Theory and Market / Volume Profile, Merritt relies heavily on understanding the current market condition in order to frame context. Inside of that context, Merritt fine tunes his tactics by using short-term volume and order-flow tools.

In this webinar, Merritt Black will show us several of SMB Futures best practices:

"Context + Orderflow = Success"
• Having great levels is not enough on its own.
• Having a great read on orderflow is not enough on its own.
• Combine the two to form powerful R/R trades and more consistency.
• Learn specific tools SMB uses on our desk for both context, as well as order flow.

Enjoy the video:

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