Pro Trader John Grady - Developing a Game Plan

Earlier this week, we were luck to have Tradovate sponsor a with John Grady as speaker. If you don't know John he is the founder of No BS Day Trading. John is an ex-proprietary trader who now trades his own account.  We like to try and get as many people from the professional trading to speak at Jigsaw, even though you might not trade like them right now - their insights are always helpful.

In this presentation, John explains why transaction costs can make or break a trading strategy and why certain markets tend to be better than others for retail traders. He also discussed the importance of waiting for ideal conditions and how to use order flow analysis to adapt to the current movement.

John considers the following:

  • The impact of commissions over time.
  • Tick to commission ratio.
  • Products with the lowest fees.
  • Thick markets vs thin markets - Pros and cons of both.
  • Auction market theory - Don't over-complicate it.




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