Prize Winners Announced!

In the past month we had 2 opportunities for people in the Jigsaw Community to win some amazing prizes.

We've now pulled the names out of a hat and here's the results.

Survey Prize

This price was for people that signed up to take a survey plus 10 more that registered but didn't take the survey. Prize is one of the following:

  • A free years live trade license including Journalytix (Value $500)
  • $400 discount off our Market Making Manual
  • Free upgrade from Independent to Professional (Value $349)
  • $400 discount off an upgrade to Institutional Education

Winners are: Vince T, Alan B, Mohamed E.S, Thomas McG, Michael L, Oliver Bj, Robert B, Joseph M, John K, Gianmario T,  Larry D, Konstantin K, Davit M, Oliver S, Andrew M, Larry D.

Wealth 365 Registration Prizes

This prize was for 5 people that signed for our Wealth 365 Webinar. $500 cash (via Paypal) for the first prize. $500 off any Jigsaw product for runners up.

Winners are: Tom H (Cash Prize), John W, Tom D, Andre L, Tim H

Congratulations to all the winners. Emails will go out to the individuals.  For those winning their first prize ever - feel free to do a Connor McGreggor walk around the house.

Thanks for participating. 

Note - individual winners will be notified by email.


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