Jigsaw Price Ladder Trading Course - Improved & Updated

We are happy to announce that the Jigsaw Price Ladder Training & Order Flow Strategies course has been radically updated. As you know, the course was created by our Education Partner 'Axia Futures' - a proprietary trading firm with trading floors in UK and Poland. This is the single best resource for Price Ladder training anywhere. The course is evolving with the markets and with the traders on Axia's London and Wroclaw trading floors. Not only is this course taught to all of their graduate recruits, it benefits from the combined experiences of the traders on their trading floor.

So, how has this course been improved?

6 hours, featuring 12 Live Execution Videos of an Elite Trader who made $1,000,000.00 in one month trading on the DOM
Learn, watch and develop your order flow techniques analysing one of Europes most successful Price Ladder traders. These videos complete your learning and include 12 videos with over 6 hours of learning footage watching one of AXIAs Elite traders executing large plays on the price ladder as well as analysing his edge framework in detail. Performance profits of these videos are between $20,000.00 to $140,000.00 on any one day.We have added an additional 16 more drills on various strategies. More Drill and practise the better you become.

16 Brand New Drills
To develop a skill and an understanding of key repeatable patterns, one needs a deliberate practice protocol. Just like a football or baseball player practices a specific shot over and over again to become proficient in a certain part of their sport . Part of the learning and development framework is focusing on key patterns and then using our replay software to practice them in multiple market environments and scenarios. At the end of each strategy section we consolidate your learning in multiple drill practices in specific order flow events so as to develop your eye and pattern identification skills across multiple market environments and volatility conditions.

Hours More video Educational material
We have added multiple hours of learning and new DOM content with collaboration from all the successful traders on the floor.

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