Pre-breakout & Pullback Trades

Here's a trade video showing 2 trades on the eMini S&P500. This is after a short period of increased volatility and the first trade reflects adjusting to an expectation of higher volatility.

Trade 1 - Pre Breakout Trade - trying to get into the market before it breaks down on the expectation of a decent run on the break. With the increased volatility in mind, this is an attempt to take advantage of a market breaking down after a period of consolidation.

Then about 6 minutes at 20 seconds in:

Trade 2 - The classic Pullback Trade - This is one that a lot of people have requested, what to look for when the market pulls back. This is one type of pullback entry - where the market pulls back weakly and just runs out of momentum. We'll publish more of these later, looking at different ways pullbacks end.

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