Using Order Flow for Trading Success

Peter Davies of Jigsaw Trading was recently interviewed by Les Meehan at Right Mind Trader in an interview entitled "Using order flow for trading success". The interview focuses very much on the mental aspect of the game rather than trade entry techniques. This gives some key insights into aspects of learning to trade that are essential to trading success.

The recording of this revealing interview is available here

In this interview number of topics were included, such as:

  • How to handle the over-confidence that comes after some initial trading success.
  • How to minimize the impact of 'real life' on your trading
  • The future of the independent trader
  • Key attributes to maintaining long term trading success
  • The lonely game - an often overlooked aspect of trader development.

Les does a great job of drawing out information from traders about their journey. Trading success isn't just about 'show me how to trade' but also about the pitfalls you inevitably come across along the way.

If you think trading success is all about getting in and out of the trades, then this interview is for you.  There's plenty of other informative videos in the series too. I'd advise having  look through and finding those traders with a similar trading style to your own and listening to them too.

To listen to the entire interview, click here

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