Order Flow Boot Camp - Webinar Recording

This is a recording of our recent Order Flow Bootcamp, where we gave you an introduction to the art of Order Flow - the single most important set of data used by professional day traders. As so many people are jumping on the bandwaggon with Order Flow, we take you back to the basics we've been teaching since 2011. The REALITY of Order Flow, how to learn and what the pitfalls are:

  • Order Flow Boot Camp 1 - The mechanics of price movement - why price moves
  • Order Flow Boot Camp 2 - The most common uses for order flow in professional trading environments
  • Order Flow Boot Camp 3 - How YOU get started in order flow - so that you can finally see the signals for yourself
  • Order Flow Boot Camp 4 - The most common pitfalls when adopting Order Flow & how to avoid them

As you'll see, the reason that Order Flow traders are so successful is mostly one of perspective. Mature traders know that the most important consideration in the markets is cause & effect.
They look for causes – like traders trapped, that have an effect – like a stop run.  Causes are generally small and effects are large – When traders are trapped – you can see the precise location they are trapped – the exact prices. When they stop out – that’s an extended move. So small, precise stops and larger relative targets. Good Risk:Reward on the trades.

You can watch the video here





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