Mr Topstep Open House - $9 for a full week of training!

Jigsaw have been invited to present at Mr Topsteps October Open House. This is a week long session where you get access to Mr Topsteps IM Pro Trading room (a forum for traders to congregate and collaborate on equities, futures, ETFs and options trades), as well as a number of educational webinars throughout the week. The cost is just $19 for the week but we have a coupon code for $10 making it just $9! Click here to join

Jigsaw will be presenting on Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday a new version of the popular "Introduction to Order Flow" webinar and on Thursday we'll go through the "Introduction to Scalping" webinar, where we take a look at what scalping is and we'll go through 6 scalping set ups used by professional Futures traders.

For those focused on Order Flow, I'd be sure to take a look at the DTG webinars too - the presenter is a professional trader I've spent a lot of time with and he's taught me a number of very useful things on the topic of Order Flow.

Note that these sessions will NOT be recorded. Be there or miss out! The webinar itinerary is here (click the image to enlarge). Click here to join the weeks session. All times are Central US time.

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