"May Madness 50" - Flash Sale at Jigsaw & Journalytix!

It's been a busy year so far at Jigsaw and we've not run a sale since Christmas. So, as it's almost the start of summer (except in the UK, where Summer is cancelled this year), we have decided to give away some fantastic discounts to 50 lucky customers.

The rules are simple - it's a $100 discount off ANY Jigsaw product and $150 of the institutional package! Only 1 discount per customer (yes, we do check) and the first 50 customers to apply get the discount.

With this discount, you can get:

    • daytradr Independent $579 - $479
    • daytradr Professional $879 - $779
    • daytradr Institutional $1799 - $1649 ($150 saving!)
    • Journalytix Annual License $399 - $299 (first year only, retail version only)

For existing customers, you can get:

  • Annual Live Trade Subscription $500 - $400 (first year only)
  • Add on Institutional & Advanced Training Upgrade $1379 - $1229 ($150 saving!)
  • Add on Advanced Training $349 - $249

There is no expiration for this discount - only the first 50 people that apply will get the $100 off. After that, it's back to full prices and a friendly "Enjoy the Summer"!

If you've been sitting on the fence about buying the tools, adding a training package or signing up for Live Trading - jump on board this great discount before 50 people get in before you. Just go to the sign up page (and log in if you are an existing member) and jump on board using coupon code "May50" for the $100 discount or "MAY50PLUS" for the $150 off the "daytradr Institutional" or the "Institutional & Advanced Upgrade"


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