May 13th - ES Short Trade

A Short Trade just after the open on a fairly slow moving day. We had a push up and then someone stepped in and absorbed the buying which was my cue to enter. After that it was a bit of a grind. The exit was on a push down before the news - we had a relatively nice, fast push down.

Anyone that has seen my webinars knows about the liquidity vacuums and the way I view rapid moves. I see them as signs of weakness and not strength. On the entry, we had a pop up, in an area I wanted to short, which was met with absorption on the offer.

On the exit, we had a relatively fast move down and I exited based on that. I didn't mention the vacuum/weakness aspect on the video, it's sort of in my blood to see fast as weak and I obviously didn't see fit to mention it at the time. Exit was at 24.75 and the market went down to 23.25 before moving up:


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