Low cost, high volatility Futures Trading in the US evenings.

A while ago we put out a video showing the Honk Kong futures markets or HKEX. I'm happy to say that one US brokerage is now providing access to these markets and we now have more information about the costs.

For existing customers using AMP brokerage - you can add the feed to your account here: https://clients.ampfutures.com/live-trading-setup-request-jigsaw

We think these markets will soon become more popular with US and Australian Traders for a number of reasons.

1 - The opening times are very convenient. These markets open at 9:30 AM Honk Kong which is 6:30pm California or 8:30 pm Chicago. Also great for traders in Australia
2 - These markets are volatile - that's not for everyone but other markets that open at these times like Osaka are a bit slower
3 - These markets are cheap to trade - both in terms of commissions and in terms of tick sizes

We've had a lot of emails from customers since we first started showing these markets asking where they could trade them and now one brokerage in the US has added both markets. So for some of you - it's just a phone call away.

First - let's look at the costs.

This is from The AMP Futures web site, as we can see the mini index products are just $1.94 and $1.56 per round turn to trade. That's the all in price and it will fluctuate slightly as the exchange fee part is in US Dollars.

There will also be a $15/month fee for the market data.

So what about the tick value? Well for the Mini Hang Seng China Enterprices Index & the Mini Hang Seng index - it's $10 Hong Kong dollars per tick - that's just $1.27 a tick.

So the fees are low, tick value is low and it's open in the US evenings - which is a perfect combination for somoene in the US that has a day job and wants a low risk way to engage with a live market after work.

For the full size products, the fees are $3.72 a round turn for HSI and $2.06 for the full size china enterpizes. Both have a tick value of $50 - which is around $6.38.

Thanks to Dan at AMP Futures for setting this up - please contact AMP if you are interested getting this enabled, Jigsaw can't do it for you - but the product is ready to trade these instruments.

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