Live Trade Room Video - 28th July, Crude & ES Trades

This recording is from 28th July and shows 4 trades:

1 - Scalp Long Trade Crude - Bill was looking for a reaction at 47.12 a and after an initial bounce there (order flow confirming the entry), he got in at 47.14. As we moved up, we had absorption by the offers at 47.19 and the market did move up a few more ticks but stalled, momentum was gone and that's the sign to cut a scalp trade.

2 - A short trade on ES - with an Order Flow based stop, showing how order flow against your trade can be a good signal to exit and take profits.

3 - More of a price action trade, a retracement in a down channel with a tight stop and a 4 ticks stop on an short entry at 47.29 on Crude. We had a swift move down. As we got down to 47.16, we saw a lot more volume being absorbed on the bid side, so at that point the scalp trade is done.

4 - Crude moving back to the top of the range, Bill decided it was time for a breakout and short covering was likely. Bill played the trade a few ticks just below the highs in anticipation of the breakout. With trades like this, you have to be right straight away as you need the breakout to occur. Bill has a "time stop" on this trade, giving it time to work. We did get the breakout

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