Jigsaw Trading wins awards at "futures.io" and "Trader Planet"

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In a great start to the New Year, Jigsaw Trading has won awards at 2 industry leading Trading sites. On the Futures.io "True Edge Awards" Jigsaw came first in the "Trading Product of the Year" category. Over at Trader Planet's "Star Awards", we came first in the "Trading Software: Forex/Futures" category. Peter Davies, CEO of Jigsaw Trading also won the "Journal of the Year" category.

We think this reflects the fact that Jigsaw Trading pays keen attention to support, continues efforts in product development and the fact that we listen to customers. In addition, we stay away from the hype and B.S. that many companies use to fool new traders into thinking they have some "instant solution" to trading or a fix to a problem the customer doesn't really have (e.g. "HFTs are taking all your money, buy our software to beat them").  Look out for lots more from Jigsaw Trading in 2017!


About futures.io

The community, futures io, is home to over 85,000 traders – making it the largest futures trading community in the world. Over 75k unique users visit each month (about 8k per day), and they add around 1k new registered members monthly.

Their audience breaks down as follows: 80% are trading futures, 10% trading equities/ETF’s, and 10% spot forex. Of the futures traders, they breakdown as follows: 50% are trading index futures, 25% commodity futures, 15% currency futures, and 10% interest/bond futures.

Most of the active members on the site have paid a one-time membership fee (currently $100) in order to be part of the community, which demonstrates the seriousness of the member base and gives them a unique vested interest in the site. It is because of this that the quality of their content is superior to many others, with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

About the futures.io True Edge Awards

In January 2017, they held an open nomination process whereby their members could openly nominate anyone they chose in 13 different categories. Some of those categories are: Futures Broker of the Year, Options Broker of the Year, Trading Platform of the Year, Options Platform of the Year, Mobile Platform of the Year, Data Feed of the Year, and Trading Product of the Year. There are also an additional six categories that are focused on user contributed content on their site, including: Member of the Year, Webinar of the Year, Thread of the Year, Journal of the Year, Programmer of the Year, and Indicator of the Year.

They then opened their voting system so that traders around the world could vote for their favorite in each category. When the voting closed, they selected the top three winners in each category and have awarded them as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place (Gold, Silver, Bronze awards).

About Trader Planet

TraderPlanet.com is an Inc. 500 financial publisher headquartered in Tampa Bay, FL, built to be the ultimate one-stop destination for anyone that has an interest in growing their trading knowledge base. They strive to maintain a full compendium of educational trading information, including original content, timely strategies and resources, to help self-directed traders of all proficiencies find credible information to achieve their financial goals.

The Jigsaw Trading journal

Peter Davies, under the psuedonym "DionysusToast" has, for a number of years been posting his "pre-market prep" on the futures.io forum. The reason for this is summed up nicely on the futures.io forum itself. It's Peter's analysis of likely scenarios he feels will play out in the coming trading day and how he feels it would be best traded.

Many members often ask "Why should I create a trade journal?", and the question is answered countless times by those with the experience of doing so. By committing to a public journal, you hold yourself accountable. The biggest issue most traders face is related to accepting risk, so by posting publicly you will be more likely to follow your plan and also acknowledge your errors.

When you don't post publicly, you are far more likely to gloss over the errors you've made and dismiss them as unimportant or rare events. It is human nature. However, once you start making posts routinely, you can find patterns in your behavior by analyzing your past. These patterns are near impossible to discover without a detailed journal.

Anything that keeps you consistent is a good thing in trading, especially when there's no 'boss' looking over your shoulder to keep you focused.

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